Ukraine's Anarchist Underground - Trailer

via Abolition Media Worldwide (if you can't view the video, click the link)

To combat the rise of neo-fascist street movements in #Ukraine, a group of anarchist are training and organising on the streets of Kyiv. Popular Front is the first to film with them. New doc out soon.


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how do we know if this isn’t just russian gov produced propaganda? they fund different groups to create confusion and make things play out in their favor. is this incitation to get people outvof hiding? i don’t know, i live far from there.

All right, I looked into this, and all the Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian anarchists I asked about these people agreed that they are not anarchists, they are homophobic thugs who have not conducted themselves honorably in relation to anarchists. Don't trust me about it, look into it yourselves.

But I think it's clear that this video has only been published out of ignorance of the context it comes from.

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