The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Is Happening Online This Week

The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Is Happening Online This Week

We are pleased to announce that the Fifteenth Annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair is happening continuously for seven days on the third week of September, from the 14th to the 20th, broadcasting out of the territory of the Lkwungen speaking peoples. The bookfair draws participants from across Turtle Island and around the world.

Traditionally, it has been our privilege to host publishers, activists and artists over the course of a two day, in-person event. As important as it is to join together face-to-face, this year will be different. In these times of Covid-19, the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Collective has chosen to persevere with an online offering in the form of recorded conversations, podcasts, music, readings and notes from the front lines. To this end, we have collaborated with the Anarchist podcast outfit From Embers, who broadcast from the Traditional Territories of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Peoples.

Instead of a two day event held at a specific place, please join us for a week of anarchist discourse, thought and action provided through streaming audio and text. Our contributors range in style, from direct action groups, musicians, academics and land defenders to knowledge-keepers, podcasters, radio hosts and writers. Themes of this abundant accumulation range from Indigenous-led resistance, exposing anti-Statism, Black Lives Matter, Anarcho-Feminism, Journalism, Kurdish Anarchism, Gender Theory, History and more.

Please visit for specific information about our contributors and release schedule and check out our facebook page and twitter for discussion and a full record of these releases. If you have any questions or comments at all, please email us at info at We hope that you appreciate this remote, curated experience where we can all appreciate and engage with on-going anti-capitalist, de-colonial and non-hierarchical work being done despite the supposed cooling effect of the pandemic.

As ever, our collective strives to uphold the lives of Indigenous peoples throughout Turtle Island and the world. We recognize the inherent right of Indigenous peoples to assert Indigenous Law, practice cultural autonomy and territorial sovereignty. We are humbled by the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities and their ancestral connections to the land in the face of systemic injustices. We stand opposed to all acts of colonial land seizures, systemic racism and any attempt to undermine indigenous cultures and histories. We of the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Collective strive to challenge ourselves and our community to grow in our responsibilities to apply anti-colonial learning, anti-racism and intentional and ongoing mutual aid to Indigenous Peoples and all those marginalized by the forces of colonialism, state power, capitalism and cultural genocide.

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"...despite the supposed cooling effect of the pandemic."

to my understanding this was an exaggeration by journalists anyways. West coast sure hasn't been getting cooler!

always appreciate people who indulge my curiosity about anarchist activity and culture, no need to share sensitive information...of course strict egoism will always be fine with me, but as Alfredo Bonanano pointed out in one of his books, that is pretty limited...

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