Warzone Distro New Zines List Novemeber 2019 (with more to come)

Warzone Distro New Zines List Novemeber 2019 (with more to come)

Warzone Distro New Zines List Novemeber 2019 (with more to come)

Degenerations: Between Pride and Gender Victimhood by Anna Beniamino (currently held captive by the state)

“I am anarchist, I am not feminist because I see feminism as a sectorial and victimist withdrawal, I have never made any gender discrimination although I don’t use gender­friendly linguistic conventions, on the contrary I often use dirty politically incorrect language. I think that the annulment of gender privilege and similar oppression is already contained in the search for anarchy, that is to say in the practice of anti­-authoritarian relations, and should be cultivated there. Ah, I forgot, I loathe consciousness-­raising in public meetings and I also consider assemblies to be blunt instruments. I understand and also have the will to meet. But I see how all too often the assembly degenerates into sterile self­-representation.”


Out of Civilitopia

“Why was caveman hunting selected for the podium, and not murder or rape or infanticide or cannibalism or causing species extinctions when there was also evidence of those in pre­history humans? When evidence of some hunting was found, why did that result in the practice of eating animals being applied to all humans going back to origins? Did the machismo leaders cherry pick a more alluring ‘killer ape’ early ancestry to justify current carnistic practices? Was it strategic that this lie also boosted the noxious ego to fuel the march toward the magical kingdom of Civilitopia?”


Lions in the Brush: On the Anatomy and Guidelines of Cell Structured Resistance

“There are two types of cells, sleeper cells and phantom cells. The sleeper cell consists of one lone wolf individual; the phantom cell however is made of no more than 2-5 individuals. Anything beyond 5 members risks falling into the same pitfalls as the organization, and begins to lose its solidity and causes it to be more vulnerable to infiltration, thus compromising its effectiveness. More importantly, cell structure differs from the organization in that, if one cell is taken out and/or compromised, it remains physically impossible for that to have any effect on any other cell. If we drew one big circle or pyramid (the organization), imagine if it only took one pin to stick into the organization block to destroy it. In the case of cell structure, the only way to destroy the cells would be to pin them each one by one, which means you would need to first locate and identify each and every one, and pick them off individually. The chance of successfully identifying all of those unknown numbers of underground cells is usually quite small. This is what gives cell structured resistance its near invincibility.”


No Hope, No Future: Let the Adventures Begin!

“But this reality, however dismal, motivates my desire to make my life, through fierce revolt, as joyful and fulfilling as possible! My hopelessness does not paralyze me with fear or depression; I celebrate it with hysterical laughter and ecstasy in spite of civilization’s death march. I arm my desires with the urgency to live… against the social order of monotony and peaceful enslavement, to sleep beneath the stars, to feel sunshine and a breeze with every hair on my body, to listen to the late­-night conversations of the insects, to become wild…"


Prison Break: An Anarchist Blueprint for Hedonism

“Love and support to those who dropped out of school and faced life with nothing more than a lock­pick set and a backpack. Love and support to those who riot within the prisons of asylums and “correctional” facilities. Love and support to those who weaponized their lives, taking rebellion to their graves in choosing death over imprisonment. A howl to the lifestylist ex­-workers who found fierce joy in the materialized anarchy of their wildest dreams.”


Pure Black: An Emerging Consensus Among Some Comrades by Paul Z. Simons (Was a personal friend of Warzone Distro. RIP)

“The term “black” anarchist has been thrown around recently in a number of
international milieux and journals. Indeed during the last few years of my
travels throughout North and South America and Europe I have noted repeated
attempts to define, through action and theory, the ideas associated with black
anarchy. Following is a brief, incomplete outline of some of the more common
aspects of what black anarchists think and do. These tendencies are numbered
for convenience, and not to show priority or importance.”


Subversive Anarchy Past and Present

"The illegalist current is an offshoot of individualist anarchism. Refusing to be exploited, forced to work for some rich tyrant, instead the illegalist chooses to rob them. It’s an anti-work ethic for individual autonomy to be realised in real life right away through Individual expropriation also known as individual reclamation."

"Individual reclamation gained notoriety in France in the last decades of the 19th and early 20th century gave birth to what was to become known as illegalism."

This zine written by Renzo Conners highlights illegalist, individualist anarchy past and present.


Why Break Windows by Armeanio Lewis (Was a personal friend of Warzone Distro. RIP)

“And this is where the anarchist reaction diverges from the simple reaction. As anarchist, we take things further. We are radical, rebellious, iconoclastic, nihilistic individuals who’s only goal is the destruction of which destroys us. Capitalism, White Supremacy, Patriarchy, all of these apparatuses of domination that aim to control us, that expect us to submit. They are not met by a simple proclamation of againstness but a swift and decisive action that not only proclaims but shocks those in power. From the simple smashing of windows to the placement of a bomb or the robbing of the bank our actions are heard and felt rather than ignored and treated as everyday life.”


More zines are in the process of being put together and released.

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Warzone distro crew are identity politicians and they don't even realize it.

Vegan is not only an essentialist (and therefore invalid) category, its an identity which Warzone defends. Read the part about leftists in Industrial Society and Its Future. Inferiority complex.

I see things on websites like Bite Back all the time like: "15 chickens liberated." The fuck is that going to do? Death is the only liberation from this hell.

*Yawns*. That was the best you could do? Huh. Well damn. Ya got me. I guess "Anarchist", "Nihilist" and so on makes one an identity politician as well. So what's your identity? Are you an "Anarchist", "Communist" etc.? These are all essentialist identities too. I guess we are all identity politicians, including yourself. Because besides, what makes *you* so special?

Death is the only liberation from this hell? Well damn homie, why you still a slave then?...

That's not a counterargument.

You're as domesticated as the animals you're so concerned about. Differences is they'd last longer in the wild. Veganism is for pussy middle class Westerners. People like you and Ria talk all this shit and its a fantasy. You're 100% reliant on civilization just like the rest of us sad fucks. Get off your fucking pedestal.

Dog eat dog world. You're a Jack Russell trying to hang with Pitbulls trained to kill.

You should be careful not to talk too much on here. I already have an idea of who you are based simply on the way you write your responses.

But anyways, you seem upset. So i'm just gonna let you cool off. You are too loud. And you got way too much anger to waste time with petty debates on Anews. You should consider directing that anger at the societal infrastructure that represents the hell holding you captive.

Have you seen Green Room (2015)? How do you think USA anarchists stack up to USA nazis? USA anarchists are worried about 15 chickens being killed. USA nazis would kill you 15 times over.

I'd have to say that it was a fun movie to watch but probably not very realistic. Neo-nazis aren't that coherent of a mob. It was a good movie because as watchers we could realistically imagine something like that happening. But yes in the fantasy of a nazi they would command a dog to rip a real punk to shreds.

I'd have to gladly announce, as president of Anti-Fa, that actual neo-nazis are in pretty small numbers, spread out, and pathetic. There's other right wing groups/identities but they're also pretty damn pathetic too, and the best part is they fight with each other.

The real thing we have to worry about still are cops, their investors, and their sympathizers. A pretty large and formidable group.

not sure what's mean by that 2:19, cops usually resemble KKK more than neo-nazis, but i guess the distinction is pretty small, and yeah they do fraternize more so than other groups of inferiority-complex patriarchs.

and how would you know anything about neo-nazis unless you were one? Those fuckers do a pretty good job of scaring people who don't think like them.

"Those fuckers do a pretty good job of scaring people who don't think like them."

And why don't/shouldn't anarchists?

GIVE THEM NO CAKE, the little old ladies with the poodles whose sons are cops and who help them with bourgeois raffles and fetes for the local orphanage. THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF NIHILIST-ESQUE ARTISTES!!!


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