Abolitionism & the Threat of Reformism

from It's Going Down

An Online Panel Hosted by Forest City Anarchists

Announcing an online forum on abolitionism and the threat of reformism. Hosted by Forest City Anarchists.

On Saturday October 23rd at 7PM EST, join us on Twitch for a live discussion about abolitionism, the threat of reformism, and how it all relates to the state. We have several guests lined up to cover these topics and then follow up by answering questions from the audience.

State of War

via It's Going Down

State of War, an Excerpt from “The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism & Abolition” by William C. Anderson

Saying “stop killing us” and asking an oppressor not to oppress is not going to work. Taking the life of the system we’re up against through abolition is much more complex than simply fighting people in the streets

Madness, Disability, and Abolition

From IGD

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with the author of the text, Madness, Disability, and Abolition, a two part series that ran on It’s Going Down which explored the history of the criminalization of madness and mapped out what an abolitionist approach might look like, along with examples of projects already being put into place.

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