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Sabotage, Subvertising and Solidarity in Bristol

Many who were driving home for Christmas (or on their relentless commute for the 9-5) will have been dazzled by the 2 huge LED adverts that light up the motorway (and the night sky beyond) in Bristol.

Bored of the false dreams and fairy lights, we damaged the the billboards by attacking the main mechanisms in the back of the glittery display.

A Reportback from a Demo in the Village

Thus, on Friday evening, I attended a demo in Montréal’s Gay Village that a number of anarchists, including friends of Cedar (the first person arrested, on Saturday, June 22) and other anarchists affected by the repression in Hamilton, swiftly organized in the short amount of time between Tuesday and Friday. I wasn’t meaningfully involved in the organizing myself, although I had an opportunity to be. My intention with this text is to offer some critical comments about different aspects of the demo to other anarchists in Montréal – which is a project I feel a little fucked-up about, actually.

Kingston Pride and Solidarity with Queers Against Police

This year at Kingston Pride, a small group of people gathered with signs that read “STONEWALL WAS A RIOT” and “NO PRIDE IN IMPERIALISM, NO PRIDE IN POLICE,” a black flag and flyers. We weaved through the parade, handing out flyers about why the military and cops weren’t welcome at Pride and expressing solidarity with racialized people, indigenous folks, migrants and poor folks who – like LGBTQ+ folks – experience brutal violence at the hands of Canada’s police and military on this territory and abroad.

June 11th: Lemay Vice President’s Car Set on Fire

On the day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, the BMW belonging to André Cardinal, parked in front of his private residence in NDG, was set on fire. André Cardinal is the Vice President of Lemay, the architecture firm designing the migrant prison in Laval.

May fires burn for all that the worlds of prison and borders have stolen from us.

Solidarity graffiti for anarchist prisoners by Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

Just outside the city limits of Bristol tucked away in the dark is a poultry farm (Ivy Farm) owned by P&S Mitchell LTD. Located in Whitchurch Lane, Dundry, the birds never see the light of day. Despite the CCTV, the grain silo and broiler house were both spray-painted with the words “Animal Prison”.

A new McDonalds restaurant that is not welcome is being built in Fishponds Road, but maybe the “Burger Off!” posters in local’s front windows isn’t enough. Graffiti was sprayed inside the building site – “McWork Prison”.

International Solidarity From Anarchists in Mexico City

From Mexico City, we send our solidarity and love to the comrades who took the streets on May 1st, and to the many who were kidnapped by the state as a result. Repression is the state’s reaction to a gnawing fear: a fear of the power of revolt, of the autonomous organization of the people, of the brewing revolution.

Who's to judge? About the shooting attack on the courthouse in Kiev

The time has come to elaborate further on our attack on Holosiivskyi district court in Kiev.

Among the commentaries on the attack, we’ve read more than once that some people don’t understand our motives. They don't get how does Azat Miftakhov’s arrest in Moscow have anything to do with a courthouse in Kiev. We'll try to explain, because it’s important to get this seemingly obvious message across.

Anarchists shoot at the windows of Goloseyevsky Court in Kiev

Once in prison, in the clutches of the punitive system, our comrades should be aware of the support, which is usually expressed in the form of concerts, pickets, letters… But more important is the confidence that their cause continues to live, confidence in the justification and consistency of their struggle. We do not care about Azat’s involvement in explosives and other episodes, because anyone who calls himself an anarchist is already guilty, and deserves punishment from the point of view of the state.

Freedom Always Comes With a Knife Clenched Between the Teeth

The anarchist who has been taken hostage by the State is our comrade. In solidarity with him, we continue to combine liberating thought with destructive acts, never losing sight of our enemy. In solidarity with all anarchists facing repression, we continue onwards on the revolutionary paths of the only war worth fighting: the war against all oppressors and exploiters, the war for freedom. Let’s give life the exquisite elevation of the rebellion of our hands and spirits.

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