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ANews Analytics: Metrics, Impact and Engagement

The obsolete computer on fire represents ANews' commitment to only the latest and greatest in technology.

Anarchist News is renown for being at the forefront of cutting edge when it comes to social media. One only needs to look at our social media pages -namely facebook and twitter- to testify our great success. But there is always much room for improvement, and although to this date (April 1st 2021) we might be industry leaders (as the only anarchist news website with comments), we need to be always on the lookout for competitive advantages to remain relevant in such a competitive market.

The Anvil Review: Baby Yoda is most anarchist character on TV in last 30+ years


by William Gillis

Welcome to my sci-fi dojo.You have something I want. Damn straight, uWu. Grogu, the anarchist Jedi formally known as Baby Yoda! [Queue up baby monkey riding on a pig Youtube video]. After having watched the final season 2 episode of The Mandalorian over 15 times now, and crying each time, I can authoritatively state that Baby Yoda is the most anarchist character on the most anarchist TV show within the last 30 years, possibly even ever. Pokemon doesn’t hold a candle to Baby Yoda.

Towards a New Federationist Federation Front

A hypothetical example of how a federationist federation front organizing committee communalist party union could look like.

from some maintream blog platform self-respecting anarchists wouldn't be caught dead using promptly uploaded to The Anarchist Library

by Marigold June

The current state of organizing within leftist spaces is not federated. Many have tried to federate it, of particular note are the platformists who try to focus intensely on federation. However, to date organizing with the left is not organized. Therefore, a new approach must be taken up to combat the lack of federation and general disorganization found within leftist circles. Federationism provides this level of focus and organization necessary.

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