This May Day, A Call For Anarchists To Build Transnational Bridges

from It's Going Down

This May Day, A Call For Anarchists To Build Transnational Bridges Of Solidarity With Refugees And Migrants

A special May Day message encouraging the building of bonds across borders and for anarchists, refugees and migrants to find common cause.

by Machete 

Call on all anarcho-syndicalist organizations to close all camps

via International Confederation of Labor (ICL/CIT)

We will celebrate the most beautiful feast on the ruins of the 21st century’s greatest hell

We call on all anarcho-syndicalist organizations in Europe and around the world to join the struggle to close all camps and so-called reception centers. Inform the workers in your country about this modern-day crime against humanity and organize events and demonstrations. Let us begin discussions about coordinating a global day of action against the camps. Let us fight against wars and racism until we shut down every last on of these hells. For a new world of freedom, equality and solidarity! The boat is not full! Shut down all camps!

Wobbly Sues Seattle Police, City

From It's Going Down, by the IWW

Targeted by Seattle police for thirteen years, Wobbly and anarchist hoping to settle in major lawsuit.

A Wobbly from Utica, NY is back in Seattle, WA to settle a lawsuit against the city and the Seattle Police Department, a lawsuit that stems from a wrongful arrest and false charges made at an antiwar demonstration in 2006.

No Citizens: Abolishing Borders Beyond the Nation-State

From C4SS by Leif J

The very existence of borders is one of the founding injustices of this world. Most of us recognize this implicitly, and I won’t spend too much time here trying to argue what’s been clearly argued by generations of anarchists: Borders and citizenship are constitutive elements of the nation-state, and as such must be overturned and overcome. Governments depend on the existence of a defined territory in which to exercise a monopoly on force. Likewise, they lay claim to a specific, limited population which they call “citizens” and set against the citizenry of neighboring states. Borders and citizenship define the “outside” against which statist conceptions of identity are always contrasted. Anarchists, then, have two easy angles from which to think about borders. Firstly, the freedom we are working toward necessarily includes freedom of mobility. Secondly, national borders — as constitutive elements of the state — are a powerful target for attack, sites where the impossibility of the nation-state is constantly visible, where migrants and others are constantly undermining state power. While the border is, has been, and hopefully always will be an impossibility, a fiction imposed by state planners on a world much too resistant and messy to be divided in these ways, it is also a key site where the state struggles to impose a particular version of order. It is crucial that we work to undermine both these physical borders and the logics that underpin them.

What Are We Going to do About These Concentration Camps?

They’re not coming for me today. I’m a trans woman, so yeah the right wing is working its base into a fervor blaming me for all our social ills and to be certain I’ve gotten a lot worse attention from strangers since Trump came into office. But no one is trying to put me in a camp. I could keep my head down. A short term cost/benefit analysis says that I should.

Fuck that.

No Wall They Can Build, Episode 1: Introduction

From CrimethInc.

Listen here. The Ex-Worker Podcast Collective is kicking off the serialized release of our first full audiobook, No Wall They Can Build: A Guide to Borders and Migration Across North America. We’ve divided this riveting first person account of life and death in the borderlands into eleven chapters, and over the next three months, we’ll be releasing them in weekly installments each Wednesday. Today, you’ll hear Episode 1: Introduction, which describes how the book was written by a solidarity worker along the US/Mexico border over years of trials and tribulations, and lays out a basic framework for understanding the global apartheid enforced by the border regime. You’ll hear a heartbreaking story about the brutality of migrant detention, and an inspiring one about surviving the journey north against all odds. This episode sets the stage for the in-depth analysis and longer stories of the chapters to come.

We Can Block the Wall!

On February 15, we call for a movement from below. It is time to act courageously—together. We need a bold, positive vision of the future in contrast to Trump’s white supremacist fantasy. We need to create a world in which people can move freely, where families can find refuge from danger, and communities are brave enough to welcome newcomers and create a shared sense of belonging.

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