How It Started/How It's Going

Anarchistic Media & Pop Culture and Why We Should Make Our Own Media (A Brief Presentation & Participatory Discussion)

Where: Bound Together Books (1369 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA)
When: Friday November 12, 2021 (7 pm - 8:30 pm ish)
Why: ? Not sure, bored ?

TOTW: Fear and Decision on New Year’s Eve

oh shite, they spotted us

The date is December 31st of 2019: Governed subjects everywhere are the target of fear from state terror, channeled into obedience and acquiescence by the chilling effect of repression. Blackmailed into compliance by the economy, their subsistence on the line. Looming deadlines summon waves of dread which plummet like lead in your gut. Panic triggered by cyclic crisis flows through your nerves like strychnine.

Generalized anxiety has been called the dominant affect of our era. We all seek shelter in delusions of Safety and Security, in denial of the fact that we'll die anyways, so we should enjoy doing what we want. Everything that we want in life is on the other side of that fear, and the only path is through it.

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