Anarchist Feminist Bookfair of Porto Alegre I

Anarchist Feminist Bookfair of Porto Alegre I

From I Feira Anarquista Feminista de Porto Alegre, Brasil [machine translated]

Anarchic Greetings!

It is with great joy that we publicize the location and schedule of the first Anarchist Feminist Bookfair from Porto Alegre!

On 12/04 (Saturday) and 12/05 (Sunday) the FAFPOA will take place at the House University Student of Porto Alegre - CEUPA II, located on Rua José do Patrocínio nº 648 - Cidade Baixa - Porto Alegre - RS.

A Companion to the English Translation of Social Anarchism and Organisation

anarchy in the age of dinosaurs

From Anarkismo by Carl Eugene Stroud

This is a companion to Social Anarchism and Organisation by the Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro. All of the references are to only that text which has become essential reading for social anarchists today. This article summarizes, paraphrases and interprets the original. It is meant to be an addition to the English language discourse on especifismo and social anarchism generally, as well as the FARJ text in particular. There is a link to an audio version with a slideshow presentation at the end.

Combative Memory: An Anarchist Expropriation in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1911

Combative Memory: An Anarchist Expropriation in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1911

From AMW English

The constant search for anarchy drives multiple forms of action. Opening paths, giving an answer, affirming principles, spreading the seed, giving life to ideas, turning them into endless initiatives always in conflict with the bonds of freedom, authority.

SUBMISSIONS: Anarchist and Punk Festival in São Paulo, Brasil

From Festival do Filme Anarquista e Punk de São Paulo

We are now in the eighth year of our Anarchist and Punk Film Festival, in São Paulo – Brazil, and one more time we´re inviting you to send movies to screening during 31 november and 1st december, 2019. To take part of our Festival and share your production, is just submit your film in the form available in .

Libertarian Socialism in Latin America: A Roundtable Interview, Part III, Brazil

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation

In the United States, growing segments of the population are undergoing a period of profound politicization and polarization. Political elites are struggling to maintain control as increasing numbers of people seek out alternatives on the left and the right. In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, political organizations on the left have grown significantly, most notably expressed in the explosive growth of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Meanwhile, the Trump administration has joined other far-right governments emerging around the globe, emboldening fascist forces in the streets. These developments have sparked widespread debate on the nature of socialism and its distinct flavors within and outside the US.

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