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Coffee with Comrades - Episode 82: "Messy Beautiful" ft. Cindy Milstein

Coffee with Comrades - Episode 82: "Messy Beautiful" ft. Cindy Milstein

From Coffee with Comrades

This week, Cindy Milstein sits down for a conversation with Pearson about her new edited anthology, Deciding For Ourselves: The Promise of Direct Democracy. In this episode, we chat about joy, grief, organizing in an era of COVID-19, direct democrac(ies), and the beautiful messiness of participatory praxis and collaborative decision-making. 

Coffee with Comrades Episode 50: "Fuck Theory, Do Shit!"

This week might just be the most polemic episode of Coffee with Comrades yet! After talking about social media under a capitalist mode of economics, Pearson and Mel diagnose some of the problems with new media on the left (and with podcasts, in particular.) Afterward, Pearson and Mel outline a number of practical, material solutions to these dilemmas that can begin to build revolutionary infrastructure right here, right now.

Coffee with Comrades Episode 33: “Revolutionary Vulnerability”

In this week’s episode of Coffee with Comrades, we are pleased to welcome for the very first time the one and only Mel, our new co-conspirator and co-host for the show. We’ve got a jam-packed episode for y’all, but before we get there, we’re excited to announce we’re bringing back the current events section at the top of the episode.

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