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Learning from Failure

Learning from Failure, the story of every platformist

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An Interview With Anarchist Yondae

Anarchist Yondae (Solidarity) is an organised coalition of revolutionary anarchists in South Korea. In recent months, they have organised study groups, translated key anarchist readings in Korean, and digitally archived Korean anarchist material. Their members have gone to a great deal of effort trying to teach the lessons that Korean anarchism has to offer, some of which you will read in this interview. Read on for a detailed, entertaining, and informative interview with Anarchist Yondae, who you can also find on their site.

Betraying Anarchy? Xin Shiji & The Four Elders

from The Commoner

by Samuel Clarke

Today there is often a great deal of discussion about what makes (or inversely, what does not make) someone an anarchist. This can involve some unfair gatekeeping, say in the outright exclusion of the individualist or market anarchist, but can also involve some very frank discussions about our theory and political praxis. What appears to be universal amongst anarchists (historical and modern), however, is a complete denunciation of electoral and party politics.

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