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Contributions to the Informal and Insurrectional Anarchist tendency

Since the end of the summer of 2019, a number of anarchist internationalist comrades of the informal and insurrectionary tendency, anticipating an international initiative – postponed for reasons of force majeure – have been engaged in a correspondence around the situation and about the current conditions of the anarchic galaxy of action around the world. By tracking not only their extreme positions but also their shortcomings, multiple affinities emerged not only between the different comrades but even between the multiple tensions that exist.

TOTW: Communication

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Hello. Never before has there been so much communication within the anarchist space, but perhaps, so little [sic]. There are so many podcasts, news sites for specific anarchist locales, video projects hosted outside of YouTube, blogging platforms hosted away from the big sites, and social media links the plenty that lead outside of the new normal, among the plethora, if you're following closely.

For Autonomous Communication: North Shore Counter-Info at Two Years

For Autonomous Communication: North Shore Counter-Info at Two Years

From North Shore Counter-Info

North Shore Counter-Info launched just over two years ago, at the start of March 2020. Since then, we’ve published 302 texts with the goal of providing a platform for autonomous communication and connecting related struggles across the region. We’ve had a lot of feedback that the project is useful – starting from the repression in Hamilton around the Locke St affair in the project’s first days to the Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement this winter. This text is written by some members of the collective to share a few thoughts about what North Shore has been able to do so far and offer some directions for future growth.

TOTW: Engagement

What have been the most effective ways that you have connected with or communicated with other anarchists, anarchist projects and new ideas within the broader anarchist space? Once upon the time it was correspondence, publications, and social events like book fairs and gatherings. While these things still happen, increasingly it seems anarchists largely engage via the internet through sites like this one, or IGD, and podcasts that are often associated with those websites.

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