As Greece Burns, the State Consolidates Power

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In Greece, while the worst wildfires in decades raged out of control this summer, COVID-19 cases have spiked, driven by an economy reliant on tourism and an anti-vaccine movement similar to the one in the United States. Meanwhile, in its position as one of Europe’s immigration gatekeepers, the Greek government continues to pursue an authoritarian response to a humanitarian crisis. Yet ecological catastrophes may soon put many Greeks in the same situation that refugees entering Greece face today.

The View from New Orleans

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An Anarchist Nurse on What the Hurricane Means for All of Us

Days after Hurricane Ida struck southeast Louisiana as a powerful category 4 storm, hundreds of thousands are still without electrical power. The relief efforts in New Orleans and surrounding areas are just beginning, with areas outside the city’s vaunted new flood protection system faring considerably worse than those in the city. Waiting to see if the authorities will mount a belated evacuation effort, the residents who chose to stay—or were unable to leave—are doing their best to survive with no power grid, no cooling, no safe tap water, and no access to gasoline for cars or generators. Many people lost roofs to the 150 mile per hour winds.We spoke with Sasha, an anarchist nurse in New Orleans, about the situation.

Brazil: Only Revolt Can Bring Down Bolsonaro

Revoltists of the world, unite!

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In the following report, Brazilian anarchists frame the government’s genocidal approach to COVID-19 in the context of a legacy of military rule, explore the latest wave of combative protests, and show how the institutional left functions as the first line of defense to preserve the existing order. They make the case that the conditions they face can only be fundamentally changed by means of autonomous organization and revolt.

Our Hatred for the Police Will Bring Us Together

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It is the beginning of April and the mental impact of the lockdown has become even more surreal as the seasons change. The acts of resistance over the past few weeks have been both beautiful and terrifying. Meanwhile, the government continues to restrict our freedoms while opening Greece to tourists and business—in spite of infection rates averaging between 3000 and 4000 cases of COVID-19 a day, putting Greece third to last in the EU in terms of managing the crisis. In the following report, we describe the conclusion of the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas, the clashes of March 9, and more.

From Punk to Indigenous Solidarity: Four Decades of Anarchism in Brazil

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In the following interview, two longtime anarcho-punks recount the reemergence of anarchism in Brazil after the end of the military dictatorship, trace the fortunes of social movements through the rise and fall of the left Workers Party government, and describe the situation for Indigenous peoples and Indigenous solidarity efforts under the far-right Bolsonaro regime today.


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