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Attacks on 2 houses of bounty killers in uniform

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Full title: Thessaloniki, Greece: Explosive attacks on 2 houses of bounty killers in uniform by Direct Action Cells – Organzation Anarchist Action

As a minimum first retaliation for the previously announced murder of Niko Sampani, we take responsibility for the explosive attacks with low-powered devices on the houses of two bounty hunters in uniform, Lefteris Gatos at 19 Graziou Street and Dimitrios Daggli at 45 Olympiad Street, in the early morning hours of November 15th in Thessaloniki.

Anarchists Firebomb Police Station


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Full title: Greek Anarchists Claim Firebombing of Police Station in Zografou, Athens

A unit of the anarchist urban guerrilla network, Direct Action Cells (DAC), operating under the name “Fiery Anti-State-Violence—Sector ‘Nikos Sampanis,’” has claimed the October 27 firebombing of a Hellenic Police station in the Zografou borough of Athens, Greece. Improvised incendiary devices fashioned from butane cannisters were detonated on the exterior of the police station. The communique claims that police retreated into the station as the devices were either placed or hurled at the building

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