Anarchists in England and Wales launch Autonomy News website

Autonomy News - news from anarchist and frontline struggles

This week anarchists based in England and Wales launched a new website, Autonomy News (autonomynews.org). The site was envisioned during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and is aimed at highlighting mutual aid efforts by communities, and bringing together the different strands of anarchist resistance and struggle.

Autonomy News is inspired by people organising to meet their own needs in ways that build autonomy, resilience and collective power beyond the state, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.

Bookfair 2020 calls for artist contributions

We would like original pieces of artwork that address a specific issue that is prominent in the Anarchist movement right now. The context of this picture is up to the artist, as is the arrangement; however, it must cater for the word BOOKFAIR 2020 spanning the top ten per cent and the bottom ten being given over for venue details and date. The design should also include our website address: bookfair2020.org.uk

Sabotage, Subvertising and Solidarity in Bristol

Many who were driving home for Christmas (or on their relentless commute for the 9-5) will have been dazzled by the 2 huge LED adverts that light up the motorway (and the night sky beyond) in Bristol.

Bored of the false dreams and fairy lights, we damaged the the billboards by attacking the main mechanisms in the back of the glittery display.

How we invaded Cuba

On 26 August 1963 at 1.30 pm, “more than a dozen” anarchists assembled outside the Cuban Embassy building in London, walked though the unlocked front door, and upstairs through the unlocked doors into the Embassy itself. A surprisingly hostile column in the next Peace News said they “marched arrogantly”. Far from it. The invasion was celebrated in Freedom as a demonstration of the movement’s ability to keep secrets, but there were no plans for further action, because everyone expected they would be locked out.

Solidarity graffiti for anarchist prisoners by Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

Just outside the city limits of Bristol tucked away in the dark is a poultry farm (Ivy Farm) owned by P&S Mitchell LTD. Located in Whitchurch Lane, Dundry, the birds never see the light of day. Despite the CCTV, the grain silo and broiler house were both spray-painted with the words “Animal Prison”.

A new McDonalds restaurant that is not welcome is being built in Fishponds Road, but maybe the “Burger Off!” posters in local’s front windows isn’t enough. Graffiti was sprayed inside the building site – “McWork Prison”.

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