About an attack on a vaccination centre

from Brussels Indymedia via Attaque

Is it inconceivable that anarchists could have attacked anti-covid vaccination centres? Could it be that they did not want to risk being lumped in with the not always very nice, or even frankly problematic, critics who have gained in strength with the arrival of the pandemic? / Again, if someone has chosen not to accompany their action with words, are we sure we are the best ones to speak for them?

Eco-fascism, “Overpopulation,” and Total Transformation

Somebody take away the "kill half of world's population" button away from those dastardly eco-fascists! Quick, before they use it!

from It's Going Down

A critical look at how historically white nationalists and the State have weaponized discussions of “over-population” to intervene in the environmental movement. Proposes that anarchists and autonomous anti-capitalists need new ways of discussing the unsustainability of industrial capitalism without falling into the tropes of our enemies.

by Jessie

Neither an Insurrection or Revolt

from It's Going Down

Neither an Insurrection or Revolt: An Anarchist Response to the Permitted Fascist Temper Tantrum

A critical anarchist analysis and critique of the recent events in Washington DC and the response from the political Center and mass media.

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