Constructing Anarchisms: Introductory Notes

Constructing Anarchisms: Introductory Notes

From Libertarian Labyrinth

This is the complicated bit—ironing out various wrinkles in the process and trying to tie together the various, still tentative conversations taking places on social media. Lacking any sort of model for this sort of thing, we’ll just have to work through it as best we can. But that’s one of the reasons that we’ve stretched a 12-month course over 13 months.

What Pirates Taught Me About Anarchism

tango down

From A Beautiful Resistance (Gods and Radicals Press) by John Halstead

Anarchism for Civilians series

This is part of a series introducing aspects of anarchism for those new to the idea. As I wrote in Part 1, it is inevitable that there will be some people who will disagree with my representation of anarchism here. And I could never do justice to the complexity of anarchism. So rather than attempting any kind of authoritative definition of anarchism (which would really be contrary to the spirit of the thing), I want instead to dispel some of the myths that I had to unlearn in order to grasp what anarchism is about—this time by talking about what I learned from pirates.

TOTW: Maintaining and Developing Online Spaces

Maintaining and Developing Online Spaces

As you may have noticed, the Anarchist News site, as well as some related anarchist sites, were down for a while and are now back online. Some haters probably rejoiced at that, while others, such as myself, were saddened to see that news about Anarchist News. During that time I took took the opportunity to look around at some of the other anarchist spaces online and I was surprised to see how active and lively some anarchist forums are, particularly in such mainstream disreputable places such as Facebook and Reddit. I also noticed that many of the people active in these spaces say that they are new to the ideas of anarchism and are interested in learning more.

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