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New issue of UK anarchist zine Return Fire

New issue of UK anarchist zine Return Fire

Return Fire vol.6 chap.1 now out, & new PGP key

This chapter features anti-authoritarian propositions, social movement analysis, dispatches from frontlines of revolt and from its edges, conceptions of various indigenous anarchisms, odes to play and dis-alienation, the usual repression reports and action methodologies, love letters to the land and bodily practices for rejoining ourselves with it...

Podcast: Mass movements in Latin America

Podcast: Mass movements in Latin America

From Anarkismo

Where do they come from? Where do they stand? What's next?

A member of the Anarchist Federation Rio de Janeiro tells about the developments and incidents in Latin America over the last 30 years. To be discussed are the "socialism of the 21st century", the renewed rise of neoliberalism, the current wave of uprisings in the region and an outlook into the future.

The podcast was recorded at a public presentation by a member of the Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro, held in English on 24 January 2020 in Bern, Switzerland. The event was organised by the Libertäre Aktion (

An anarchist glance at the protest and indigenous president Evo Morales’s resignation

photo not actually from Bolivia

From Act for Freedom!, Bolivia

The defeat of Evo Morales and his Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) government, in power for 13 years, stands out in the protests in Bolivia. This defeat was already announced by the referendum of 21st February 2016 (1) and is not limited to election results. The fire in Chiquitania was a very important occurrence against the previous government because it pointed out Evo’s alliance with the cattle farmers of Santa Cruz, an alliance meant to obtain billionaire contracts with the Chinese (2), his anti-imperialist allies. The attack on TIPNIS (3) also played against him. But all in all Evo’s insistence on governing at any price was what led to his defeat in the worst form for a self-proclaimed revolutionary, with street protests.

(A-Radio) Brazil 2020 (1): Em fevereiro tem carnaval - A conversation about Brazil and exile (Part 2)

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we present you the second part of a long conversation about Brazil and exile with two Brazilian activists living in Portugal.

In this Podcast we dive deep into the whole complex of the contemporary history and current situation in Brasil. We publish a long conversation with two Brazilian immigrants recorded in Lisbon in Dezember 2019.

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