Deschooling: Unlearning to Learn

from CrimethInc.

From Education to Liberation

As students prepare to return to an increasingly dystopian learning environment, it’s a good time to revisit our assumptions about education itself. What is the purpose of our educational institutions? How deeply do the premises of those institutions shape the ways that we approach learning, even in our “free time”? How else might we go about developing and exploring our capacities?

Workshop: Constructing Anarchisms

from Libertarian Labybrinth

This online workshop combines elements of a traditionally structured survey course and a vehicle for self-study. In some ways, it will resemble a year’s worth of office hours as much as a yearlong seminar. The goal is to make the basic experience—an extended practical crash-course in thinking about anarchist theory and history—available to as many potential participants as possible. It has been constructed with busy people in mind and should be able to carry on despite some ebb and flow in participation

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