Announcing: Rulerless Issue 1

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From Rulerless, Rulerless, Issue 1, Summer 2021

A Letter from the Editor

Considering I’m a writer, I always seem to have an astounding lack of ability to come up with what to say in response to amazing events happening to or around me. What I can say is that when I was given the idea for an anarchist poetry magazine in early 2021 (which of course soon expanded into the idea for an anarchist poetry, short fiction, and visual art magazine), I had no idea that just a few months later I would be putting together 25 incredible literary and artistic works into an issue to be released at the start of August that same year.

Announcing: Rulerless Literary Magazine

so many rules for a magazine that says it's rulerless

From Rulerless

Rulerless is a free-to-read online literary magazine that publishes quality radical and progressive poetry, fiction, and art three times a year. We were founded in February 2021 by Byron López Ellington, a high schooler from Austin, Texas, with a penchant for language, writing, and liberation. Committed to spreading anti-capitalist, anti-state, and intersectionally feminist ideas through the arts, we also hope to bring simple joy to our readers and to the world. Our first issue will be published in the summer of 2021.

New issue of UK anarchist zine Return Fire

New issue of UK anarchist zine Return Fire

Return Fire vol.6 chap.1 now out, & new PGP key

This chapter features anti-authoritarian propositions, social movement analysis, dispatches from frontlines of revolt and from its edges, conceptions of various indigenous anarchisms, odes to play and dis-alienation, the usual repression reports and action methodologies, love letters to the land and bodily practices for rejoining ourselves with it...

The sad dilemma of "A" anarchist magazine

via El Libertario, English translation by Anarchist News

The news, in itself, is simple, though unpleasant: after forty-nine years, "A" Rivista Anarchica ceases its publications. The first Italian publication "in alphabetical order" will no longer reach its subscribers and its interlocutors, leaving a hole where every month it was possible to read a fairly exhaustive review of themes and ideas from the varied libertarian world. The story is known and tinged with legend: Fabrizio De André's favorite monthly forum (who supported it financially), the voice that denounced the "state massacre" in Piazza Fontana, promoter of the campaign for the liberation of Pietro Valpreda, always with the intimate conviction that "there are no good powers" and that, therefore, anarchy is not an extreme position, but the only truly acceptable one.

Organise! magazine issue 92 – Winter 2019

Organise! magazine issue 92 – Winter 2019

From Anarchist Federation UK

Issue 92 is now available for free download. See contents list below and visit to find information about this issue including online articles and subscriptions (see also our patreon page). This issue (photo showing it straight out of the box & still warm from the printers), has the usual news, views & reviews and has special sections on radical gaming & comics, including a ‘print & play’ game. See also a commentary about the artwork on the front of this issue.

ASR Newsletter #78 is on the press

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From Anarcho-Syndicalist Review (via e-mail list)

Fellow Workers,

ASR #78 has just gone on the press, and will mail out to subscribers next week. This issue explores labor and the climate crisis, the McDonaldization of Labor, Kurdish Resistance, and many other issues. The Table of Contents is at

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