The Anarchist Mission in the Modern World

via Gatorna

These are the points of mobilization that do not allow us to give up and just accept. That is why we are ready to make efforts, to take risks so that to create a new society. Organized revolutionary struggle is the path along which we will achieve the goal outlined in this text. Victory is possible, and therefore we must win.

A Message to Anarchists in Belarus

From Anarchist Fighter via Anarchists Worldwide

A Message to Anarchists in Belarus from the ‘Anarchist Fighter’ Website

Friends! A political crisis is about to happen in Belarus. There’s a good chance Lukashenko’s regime, which seemed to last forever, will lose control: partially or totally, temporarily or permanently… Belarusian society shows unprecedented active fury against the dictatorship. What is going to happen when the first cracks in the System will turn into its complete collapse?

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