Operation Scintilla

Solidarity is not censored, Freedom for Carla!

via contra info, English translation by Anarchist News.

[Italy] Solidarity is not censored, Freedom for Carla!

Translation and image received 09/24/2020

Today news have arrived of the result of Carla's trial carried out behind closed doors last Friday.

Letter from Carla

via Nantes Indymedia

Letter from Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Carla


After 536 days on the run, I was arrested on July 26th near Saint-Etienne. I experienced the arrest as the first performance of a scene repeated a thousand times in my head, or rather 536 times? Everything seemed to happen in slow motion: the hooded cops pointing their rifles at me, put me down and ask me the name that I’ve so often been called lately. It felt strange to pronounce it.

Turin, Italy: Chasing the dream part 6

From Act for Freedom!

Notes Beginning with "Operation Scintilla"

After lively months as we tried to give a good response to the eviction of Asilo and the arrests of six comrades, as we tried to keep the will to struggle alive in this city, we are now taking time to reflect on this investigative theorem delivered by the Police, created by prosecutors and approved by a female investigating judge. A theorem which for now hasn’t passed the first impact with the Court of review; after three months, in fact, five comrades are out of prison, which still holds Silvia behind the walls under particularly hard detention conditions. 

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