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Laurence Labadie and Oriole Tucker

from Center for a Stateless Society by Eric Fleischmann

Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchism Applied to Economics”
Announcing: The Laurance Labadie Archival Project

While Anarchism is, in one sense, not a constructed philosophy, that is, not a “system,” anarchists stand firm “constructively” in the position above stated. What form voluntary associations which anarchists contemplate will take, remains for the future to evince. Anarchism primarily, is not an economic arrangement but a social philosophy based upon the conclusion that man is happy and independent in proportion to the freedom he experiences and can maintain.

Is “Anarchy” Inherent to Anarchism?

anarchism is like an asymptote

from Center for a Stateless Society

Anarchism, for a lot of people who are not affiliated with it or don’t bother reading political theory, can be quite hard to talk about in a sufficiently nuanced manner. For example: here we will discuss the difference between anarchy and anarchism, which is bigger than you might think.

The Concentration of Capital

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from Center for a Stateless Society

The Benefits of Non-Capitalist Markets

Instead, the people should ideally be viewed as individuals, as egos floating on the plains, and all these individuals should have the space of movement they deserve. For that, we need anarchy and consensus-based ownership of the means of production and consensus-based organization of society. Only then will we truly free the people, all people, not only people of a certain class, race, gender, or sex.

There Are No “Anarchist Systems” without Anarchist Fundamentals

Anarchy is the set of principles that allow you to build justified hierarchies with a hammer. Or do you not know how to use a hammer and stop children from going into traffic?

from Center for a Stateless Society by Alex Aragona

Anarchists and those learning about anarchism should prioritize the bare-bone fundamentals of anarchist thinking, and these tenets should be the starting point. Such fundamentals almost always simply and neatly refer back to how one regards hierarchies and power in general, and which ones (if any) can justify themselves. If they can’t justify their existence, they ought not exist.

Governance in Pirate Societies

We command honest men’s adoration.

from Center for a Stateless Society

How Cost-Benefit Considerations Produced “Progressive” Governance in Pirate Societies

by Emile Phaneuf

Without economics, Leeson writes, pirates are “sadistic pacifists; womanizing homosexuals; treasure-lusting socialists; and madmen who outwitted the authorities. They’re stealthy outlaws who loudly announced their presence with flags of skulls and bones. They’re libertarians who conscripted nearly all their members, democrats with dictatorial captains, and lawless anarchists who lived by a strict code of rules. They’re torturous terrorists who command honest men’s adoration.”

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