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Solidarity: Aotearoa WSM Newsletter #23 April 2021

Aotearoa/New Zealand. The April 2021 issue of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement Newsletter is out now.

– includes: An anarchist viewpoint on Climate Change marches,RotoruaClimate Strike Report, International Anarchist Statement on the ParisCommune, Anzac Day Statement, May Day Statement, Movie & Book Reviews

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Who do the passionate communards work for?

une pétroleuse

via Anarquía, translation by Anarchist News

"I will then become a worker: such is the idea that stops me, when the mad rages push me towards the battle of Paris - where, however, so many workers continue to die while I write to you! Work now, never again." 1 Rimbaud

Since 1871 - the year in which the "accursed poet" wrote this letter - it was not necessary to be a "seer" to see the obvious: the masses of workers who fought on the barricades in Paris continued to work. That "wildcat strike" in front of the Versailles authority was, in turn, a new job that produced new obligations and condemned them to perpetuate work in saecula saeculorum. Such deep reflection, in the midst of a necromancing trance, probably prompted Rimbaud to question: who were the passionate communards working for? prophesying a system of domination based on direct democracy as the axis of political-social management, which ensured the permanence of authority and continuity of work.

They Leaned On Each Other In Ecstasy & The Devil Rode A Bicycle

From The Transmetropolitan Review

Only available IRL in Seattle for the past few years, we’re pleased to now make them available for reproduction and distribution, especially with the recent interest in zines and non-digital mediums.

Both zines are the history of several French anarchists who were young when the Paris Commune was crushed and spent the next decades reviving the lost rebellion of their elders.

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