Resisting: A New Legal Zine

Resisting: A New Legal Zine

From North Shore Counter-Info, Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

RESISTING is a brand new legal resource for those fighting for collective liberation, and against systemic injustice and oppression while being subjected to Canadian colonial law. It is a thorough, plain-language resource that will walk you through your legal rights (or, realistically lack thereof) and then on to more information than any dissident could ask for.

Organise! magazine issue 92 – Winter 2019

Organise! magazine issue 92 – Winter 2019

From Anarchist Federation UK

Issue 92 is now available for free download. See contents list below and visit organisemagazine.org.uk to find information about this issue including online articles and subscriptions (see also our patreon page). This issue (photo showing it straight out of the box & still warm from the printers), has the usual news, views & reviews and has special sections on radical gaming & comics, including a ‘print & play’ game. See also a commentary about the artwork on the front of this issue.

ATUBES, August 2019

From ATUBES, Digest of the Anarchist Tubes

In this issue: (Vol 5, issue 3)
- Release of the murdering cop of 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos
- Communique from Anarchist comrade Juan from the prison of Turni
- Eric King’s thoughts on Willem Van Spronsen
- Prison Construction Site Sabotaged by Thomas Meyer-Falk
- The New War on Anarchists in Greece
- Fire Walk With Me: A Report-back from the Indigenous Anarchist Convergence


The Local Kids: Issue 4

From The Local Kids

A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion.

At what point can one speak in the plural? When one is plus one, or should it at least be a few, or many more? Some will consider it a failure to speak as a lone voice; for others it’s the most valued stage to speak from. Determined to not be alone, putting forward questions, should one be satisfied by any response? The outcome of the encounter can be so tasteless and banal that the effort seems senseless. Determined to speak up, are there still questions left unanswered? At times the continuous affirmation of the I becomes nauseating; it’s unclear if anyone is still supposed to be listening. The persistence of the individual to carry on can be admirable, but isn’t it suspicious – this avoid


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