Kill Your Heroes

from CrimethInc.

A Filipino Anarchist Discussion about National Heroes

On December 30, the day set aside to commemorate Dr. José Rizal, scientist, author, and icon of the Philippine Republic, it is only right to emulate his example by analyzing and critiquing our society. Our contributor Malaginoo focuses on a concept that informs how we regard Rizal and his contemporaries during the ascendance of “Filipino nationalism”:

Interview w/ Etniko Bandido Infoshop

The Commoner

October 28, 2020

Philippines: Spreading Kapwa-Tulungan - An Interview with the Etniko Bandido Infoshop

The Etniko Bandido workshop is a community centre and anarchist space in Pasig, the Philippines, and whose volunteers are dedicated to the spreading of anarchist ideals and practises. Aside from publishing their own printed materials, and hosting a blog and news site online, the infoshop provides a space free for anyone in the local community to use for workshops, film screenings, study circles, or whatever else takes their fancy. In this interview we had the pleasure of speaking to Cris, who enlightens us as to their recent activities, how the infoshop is run, and how they adapt anarchism's western roots for a Filipino audience.

Bringing the Black Flag to the Philippines

from The Commoner via Bandilang Itim

Bringing the Black Flag to the Philippines — An Interview with Bandilang Itim

Proudly flying the black flag in the archipelago known as the Philippines are our next interviewees: Bandilang Itim. Aiming to be the banner that rallies together anarchists and libertarians in the region, this revolutionary anarchist publishing platform commits itself to producing original, well-informed content on local issues and events, and disseminating the writing and ideas of other anarchists and libertarians from the area and its diaspora.

The Never-ending Martial Law

The Never-ending Martial Law: An Anarchist Reflection on the 21st of September

From Bandilang Itim, Written by Malaginoo.

An Anarchist Reflection on the 21st of September

To ignore and forget the declaration of Martial Law, the infamous yet eclectic day of September 21st of 1972 that continues to govern our social consciousness is to reject outright what has made us people of this archipelago. It would be catastrophic to do so while many of its guiding principles continue as state policy. Crony companies are still alive and kicking, controlling the local economy without competition or consideration for their workers. Local and national politics is dominate by the same players even the children and grandchildren of the dictator. All while the debt and financial ruin that was incurred by the State continues to drain Filipinos pockets dry every year.

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