Authorities extract information from Belarusian anarchists

Authorities use ‘neo-nazi threat’ to extract information from Belarusian anarchists seeking asylum

From Freedom News UK

Poland: Authorities use ‘neo-nazi threat’ to extract information from Belarusian anarchists seeking asylum

In early June, several polish anarchist social media pages reported that a couple of their Belarusian comrades living in Poland were visited by a group of men claiming they are from the Polish Border Guard force and wanting to pass on an urgent warning to them. 

Nora219a Manifesto

from Nora 219Ⓐ

We are a family group of Wolfens, that is a grassroot movement for the protection of the Carpathian Forest. We operate as an intersectional collective. We make decisions by consensus. We believe that we can function as we would like the world to function: without hierarchy, human domination over other beings, patriarchy, queerphobia and fascism. With radical empathy and care.

Interview on recent Protest in Poland

From Elephant in the Room

Abortion in Poland was legal during Communism and became illegal (with a few exceptions) after the political shift to democracy. Since then, feminists have been active in resisting the abortion law but with little success in gaining public support or influencing legislation.

Anarchists successfully stop allotment gardens eviction

via [Squat!net]

Poznan: Anarchists successfully stop allotment gardens eviction

Anarchists from Rozbrat squat in Poznań, together with other groups, have successfully stopped the eviction of neighbouring allotment gardens “ROD Bogdanka”.

Anarchist Małgorzata Szutowicz Kidnapped by Police

From Anarchists Worldwide

Warsaw, Poland: Queer Anarchist Małgorzata Szutowicz from Stop Bzdurom Collective Kidnapped by Police

As of today (14.07.2020) Małgorzata Szutowicz, member of the queer and anarchist Stop Bzdurom (“Stop Bullshit”) collective has been kidnapped from her flat by plainclothes policemen. The police officers didn’t let her dress herself, nor identified themselves to the other person in the flat. We don’t know which police station they are from and we don’t know Małgorzata’s current location.

Syrena Squat Threatened With Eviction

from anarchists worldwide

13.03.2020: We have recently learned that a crew of thugs is being recruited to evict us from our home. This fact was confirmed by a few different sources. The “enforcers” come from the Warsaw underworld and are being offered a lot of money for the job. Currently, there is no legal action being taken against us in court. We are in effective possession of the building and inhabit it legally. The eviction that is being planned would be illegal and carried out with the preferred method of reprivatisation-era landlords – sheer violence.

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