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The State is murdering Dimitris Koufontintas | APO

via Athens Indymedia

Dimitris Koufontinas, who has been on hunger strike since the 8th of January, and whose health is now in critical condition, is facing his calculated extermination, a clear political choice made by the government of New Democracy. The state mechanisms, which have been investing on fascistization, brutal exploitation and the intensification of repression against any form of social resistance, attacking constantly the anarchist movement, are now carving a horrific reality on the body of the hunger striker.

A Political Prisoner’s perspective on COVD-19

From Anarchist Black Cross Federation

“They aren’t doing testing here, they aren’t doing shit really. No hand sanitizer, no mask, no ‘social distancing’, the tiers and showers aren’t being cleaned even semi-daily, we still only get 3 showers a week and only 1 hr outside a day, typically super early in the gloom or rain. Medical staff told me they can’t even order tests! They have to refer it to a doctor, who then refers it to Regional, who then reviews it and decides whether to test or not.

A-Radio Berlin - Week of Solidarity with the Political Prisoners

from a-infos

After more than 80 days since the popular revolt started in Chile, the struggle and social organising persists, with an unyielding conviction to confront and break with this economic and power model which has perpetuated inequalities, injustices and abuses for decades. Without a doubt, the revolt that is still in the air in Chile has meant an inflection point, a point of no return in a long road of struggles, but it has also brought heavy costs with it: Hundreds and hundreds of prisoners of this territory.

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