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reading about anarchism is a crime

from Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine

One of the most important guarantors of these freedoms is to be found in public prosecutor Manuela Comodi of the Perugia prosecutor’s office, who in a brilliant police operation unleashed her watchdogs – the ROS carabinieri – to raid the homes of numerous anarchists in Italy, looking for anarchist publications no less! And think, she even managed to find them… To tell the truth it wasn’t that difficult; like looking for philosophy books in a philosopher’s home or paintbrushes in a decorator’s workshop…

Barricade Bulletin No. 15 OUT NOW!

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Derry Anarchist Collective

Barricade Bulletin No.15 is out now. You can receive it directly from members locally or from the usual local outlets. For those of you who live outside of Derry and the North West you can download the online version which now carries news, articles and other information.

It Could Happen Here: A Review

Anarchy-ish: comfortably relegated to the realm of the hypothetical, the reassuring plausible deniability of speculative fiction, with a cast of do-gooders to assuage liberal listeners.

from Anathema

While only charlatans confidently predict what will happen, it's always interesting to explore what could happen. This is especially true if the coulds being explored are pertinent to the unfolding of struggles against the State and Capital. In the past couple of years, the podcaster Robert Evans has become known for this kind of exploration in his popular podcast It Could Happen Here. Podcasts, especially non-anarchist podcasts, do not normally get much attention in anarchist newspapers like Anathema. A review of Evans's podcast could seem out of place in these pages.

The Local Kids: Issue 7 – Summer 2021

from The Local Kids

Population management is now supposedly the responsibility of everyone. Obedience to the state has been dressed up as solidarity. More surveillance is called freedom. All in the name of a return to normal life that appears as a mirage in the desert. Should we rehash for the umpteenth time a comparison to 1984? Its author might have thought that it takes a continuous and considerate effort to see what’s right in front of your nose; can we truly say that? Is it difficult to see what’s going on? Or is it that we speak different languages and will find no common understanding of life?

Issue No.32, Power

from The Institute for Anarchist Studies

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is a journal published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies. The journal includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers and translators, features with anarchist views on contemporary issues, book reviews, updates, and more. In issue No. 32 the Perspectives collective collaborates with Kai Lumumba Barrow who provides art from Gallery of the Streets in the new 208 page “Power” issue.


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