Quebec: Call for Submissions to Anarchist Publication on COVID-19

via It's Going Down

Call for submissions for a new anarchist publication centered on radical analysis of State responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent weeks, many voices have been raised to denounce the implementation of the curfew and the deleterious effects of the repressive, guilt-ridden and individualizing measures of the Quebec government.

A Critique of Emergency Measures that Remove Freedom of Assembly

via North Shore Counter-Info

My feeling is that anarchism in our political context is struggling to adapt itself to the times. We have always been greatly outnumbered by liberals, people who essentially trust the government to govern in the best interest of the people. In a time where the political reality has been transformed so rapidly, in a time characterized by a dizzying cascade of confusing information, misinformation, and disinformation, we are losing our way, following the liberal herd into the state-sanctioned pen. We must steadfastly affirm what our values are, and one value that anarchists have always held is that the freedom of assembly is a foundational right that must be defended.

June 11th: Lemay Vice President’s Car Set on Fire

On the day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, the BMW belonging to André Cardinal, parked in front of his private residence in NDG, was set on fire. André Cardinal is the Vice President of Lemay, the architecture firm designing the migrant prison in Laval.

May fires burn for all that the worlds of prison and borders have stolen from us.

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