Does the Sibilla predict the storm?

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At dawn on 11 November, a number of searches were carried out in various Italian cities and six comrades were served with orders for precautionary measures: in prison for Alfredo, under house arrest for Michele, and an obligation to remain and sign three times a week for four other comrades.

Chatter and Identities

reading about anarchism is a crime

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One of the most important guarantors of these freedoms is to be found in public prosecutor Manuela Comodi of the Perugia prosecutor’s office, who in a brilliant police operation unleashed her watchdogs – the ROS carabinieri – to raid the homes of numerous anarchists in Italy, looking for anarchist publications no less! And think, she even managed to find them… To tell the truth it wasn’t that difficult; like looking for philosophy books in a philosopher’s home or paintbrushes in a decorator’s workshop…

Dozens of Comrades Raided

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Full title: Italy: On 11/11/2021, the ROS [Carabinieri Special Operations] raided the homes of dozens of comrades all over Italy

At 4am in the morning of 11/11/2021, the ROS [Carabinieri Special Operations] raided the homes of dozens of comrades all over Italy on orders of the PM Comodi in an investigation set off by the usual Nobili and Basilone.

Interview: Terra Incognita Squat

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The Struggle in Thessaloniki Through the Eyes of Terra Incognita Squat

This interview with members of Terra Incognita Squat reaches us by submission. The squat was invaded by the police on August 17, 2020, equipment confiscated, and the squat sealed off. Comrades issued a call for international support. This interview goes into further detail about the work and political objectives of the nearly two decade project.

Raids in Athens & Berlin

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Police raids in #Athens and #Berlin: And again they create a criminal organization

Berlin. Athens. September 16. 2020. The searches today, which included our anarchist library, are nothing new. But this time the authorities are stepping up their efforts. Five people are affected, who are accused of having founded a special, conspiratorial and criminal association or of being members of it. For this reason, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating under paragraph 129 and the BKA visited the people concerned at home, sometimes with pulled guns.

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