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Constructing Anarchisms: Introductory Notes

Constructing Anarchisms: Introductory Notes

From Libertarian Labyrinth

This is the complicated bit—ironing out various wrinkles in the process and trying to tie together the various, still tentative conversations taking places on social media. Lacking any sort of model for this sort of thing, we’ll just have to work through it as best we can. But that’s one of the reasons that we’ve stretched a 12-month course over 13 months.

Virtual Reading Group: Individualist Anarchism in 19th Century America

anarchists using Google Docs = horizontal hostility

From C4SS

Tuckered Out? Feeling Greene? Get a Spoonerful of de Cleyrification here!

So says Roderick T. Long! Coming up in January, he’ll be hosting a virtual reading group together with Cory Massimino on individualist anarchism in 19th-century America.

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