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We like to share with you not only our campaign, but manly our intentions. We are anarchists and communists that seek to grow popular power where the people are. With the people, by the people, for the people. With the tactics of direct action and autonomy, we're quickly advancing toward the final objective: the revolution.

Please, help us as you please. Share with other comrades, support ourcampaign, tell our history to a independent media. Every form of support from outside our country will be fucking awesome.

Brunch is Canceled: Biden, Trump, and the Case for Revolution

from Black Rose / Rosa Negra

The moment we are in is one marked by precarity, alienation, and unease. We are in a transition, but it is unclear where to. The only certainty is that the struggle of working people, people of color, queer people, Indigenous communities, and others will continue. If we can sustain the power of this summer’s uprising by grounding it in organization, direct action, and a transformative vision of revolutionary change, then there’s nothing that can stand in our way. 

Immediatism 99: Manual for Revolutionary Leaders


People in the US, including revolutionaries here, suffer from a lack of historical and international perspective, which would deepen and make more relevant their actions, alliances, and understandings. Originally published in the 70s but still relevant today, presented in the Manual for Revolutionary Leaders are a series of quotations, expository writings, and vignettes that will clarify many of the issues plaguing today's committed radicals.

A Message to Anarchists in Belarus

From Anarchist Fighter via Anarchists Worldwide

A Message to Anarchists in Belarus from the ‘Anarchist Fighter’ Website

Friends! A political crisis is about to happen in Belarus. There’s a good chance Lukashenko’s regime, which seemed to last forever, will lose control: partially or totally, temporarily or permanently… Belarusian society shows unprecedented active fury against the dictatorship. What is going to happen when the first cracks in the System will turn into its complete collapse?

A Statement from the Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross

A Statement from the Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross

A Statement from the Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross, June 16, 2020

The Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross (CABC) is a collective dedicated to revolutionary anarchist struggle. Our primary focus is direct material aid to prisoners captured in the social war. We are absolutely opposed to capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and the police/surveillance state.

The Failure of Revolution

The Failure of Revolution

From Blackbird Journal by Kevin Tucker

Sorry comrade, the revolution has failed you.

This is the conclusion I’ve reached over the last decade. It hasn’t been easy to come to terms with the realization that revolution that innate core of anarchist thought was the final piece of Leftism that I carried on as I came to understand that my enemy was civilization and not merely the State.

The ICL brings together a number of anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary unions

From A-infos

It is born out of their desire for closer collaboration and to add an international dimension to their local work, which will allow them to coordinate with comrades around the world and make their struggles visible to a global audience. ---- The International Conference of Labor Unions in the Garment Industry began today in Colombo, Sri Lanka ---- Delegates from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Spain, Germany and Sri Lanka will discuss common strategies to fight precariousness and allow workers to achieve their demands through mutual support and international solidarity. ---- 21 February, 2020 in international, Syndicalism ---- The Dabindu Collective, after touring across Europe (where they visited France, Germany and Spain), organized this meeting of unions in the region, with contributions from the CNT from Spain and the FAU from Germany.

Without a State, without a husband, without Somoza;

Libertarian memories of the Revolution

From Autonomies (translator) via Luis Hessel, (contra hegemonia, 29/07/2019)

This is the voice of a woman. An anarchist woman. A revolutionary who during the 1970s struggled to imprint an anti-authoritarian, anti-state and feminist mark on the ongoing transformation process. We will call her Isabel Gutierrez and we will say with certainty that she escaped from the Argentine military dictatorship to continue her revolutionary activity in Nicaragua. And this was no surprise. In those days, Central America was a veritable hotbed that concentrated the hopes of the world’s revolutionaries. But on arriving in the lands of Sandino, the former leader of the “army of madmen”, reality fully surpassed the hopes: she felt for the first time that she was before a true popular revolution. The powerful of the world, above all the Yankees, watched the events of Managua with concern, the local bourgeoisie escaped frightened by peasants with machetes more than fed up with hunger, while on a wall of a neighborhood of Masatepe, the people wrote verses that not even the best of poets could match: “They will die of nostalgia, but they will not return.”

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