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Unarmed Insurrection

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Unarmed insurrection and the Hot Summer of 2020

This summer’s insurrection requires a critical investigation of the ideal of nonviolence, in order to understand and develop new popular tactics.

Counterinsurgency: dousing the flames of Minneapolis

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By Peter Gelderloos

The uprising that has spread across the United States since the police murder of George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis has, like any rebellious movement, met with police strategies for counterinsurgency. It is well documented how modern police forces systematically use counterinsurgency strategies against their own populations.

International solidarity when things are not black and white

International solidarity when things are not black and white

From Roar Magazine by Peter Gelderloos

As 2020 is off to a rebellious start, a wave of struggles with growing intensity continues to sweep across the globe, from Chile to Hong Kong. People are rising up against government repression and austerity measures, or trying to defend themselves from right-wing coups. None of these uprisings are simple or homogeneous; some include elements anti-capitalists may strongly disagree with, and the necessity of self-defense against the advances of the far-right often puts us in a position of defending left-wing governments we may have well founded criticisms of.

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