APN School Revolt 2022

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From Anarchist Pedagogies Network

We are inviting you to send us proposals for participation in the first ever APN School Revolt!

APN School Revolt 2022 is a two-week festival of talks, workshops, and special events that deal with Anarchism, Education, and Intersectionality. It will take place online between the end of February 2022 and the beginning of March 2022. Final dates will be shared after proposals have been collected.

Solecast: Fire Ant on Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity & Homesteading

Solecast: Fire Ant on Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity & Homesteading

From The Solecast

In this episode of the Solecast I chat w Rob Cat of Fire Ant.  Fire Ant is a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in so called Maine.  Fire Ant seeks to spread the words & work of anarchist prisoners, highlight their plights and help them get the material support they need.    Rob & Bria are also homesteaders and we talk about their experience of being self reliant with food production and working with mutual aid networks like the Victory Gardens Project to their ongoing efforts to provide free food to comrades, friends and neighbors.

TOTW: Anarchy and Trauma

TOTW - Anarchy and Trauma

I know that, before I had ever encountered critical discourse or radical politics, before I'd attended my first protest or meeting, before I had debated anyone on political theories either face to face or on the Internet, my first experiences of disenfranchisement towards the state, capitalism, civilisation, etc., and desires to rebel came from direct personal experiences that were mostly, in some way or another, traumatic. The trauma of childhood poverty, of bullying teachers in school, of family members dependent on drugs and alcohol, these all left me with a feeling of "I hate this shit", long before I had read anything on economics or anarchism.

Out of the Ruins: An Anarchist Studies Journal Review

From PM Press

By Judith Suissa
Anarchist Studies Journal
March 2020

As Robert Haworth notes in his introduction to this volume,
there is a rich tradition of anarchist criticism of state schooling
as one of the institutions that ‘uphold and reinforce’ a
particular set of social, political, economic and cultural ideas
(p6). This collection of work by educational activists, theorists
and practitioners promises to document and explore the
‘radical learning spaces’ emerging as alternatives to the
social imaginaries of formal state schooling.

Announcing the fourth annual Institute for Advanced Troublemaking’s Anarchist Summer School

Announcing the fourth annual Institute for Advanced Troublemaking’s Anarchist Summer School

From Cindy Milstein Instagram feed

Hey fellow troublemakers! Applications are now open for the fourth annual Institute for Advanced Troublemaking’s (IAT) Anarchist Summer School, August 1-9, 2020. The IAT stresses an anarchism that is at once a social critique—stuff like #NoBordersNoNations—and especially a social vision—far better stuff like collective care, solidarity, and dignity, in loving, reciprocal, do-it-ourselves practice. It’s also a magical “brave space,” in which we strive hard to co-cultivate community by encouraging everyone to experiment with being the person they want to be within the culture they want to create for the 8 days of the summer camp. And if past year’s are any indication, it’s been discomforting in good ways, generative in beautiful ways, and remarkable for its communal inspiration.

Education, Infrastructure, Insurrection: Mark Bray on Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School

From It's Going Down

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we welcome back to the program Mark Bray, an anarchist, a historian, and author of Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook and Translating Anarchy. In his new new book, Anarchist Education and the Modern School: A Francisco Ferrer Reader, which is also edited by Robert H. Haworth, Bray brings forth a new collection of writings, some translated for the first time in English, about the infamous Spanish anarchist Francisco Ferrer and the movement that he helped shape, The Modern School.

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