solidarity means attack!

3 arson attacks on aristocratic cars

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Original Title: Athens, Greece: 3 arson attacks on aristocratic cars in Pefki area for the dead by cops in Perama

The answer to every state assassination and state repression should be fire. As an initial reaction we chose to reflexively attack the peaceful aristocrats of the northern suburbs because the repression is class and so are state assassinations.

International Call for Direct Action against Catalunya

Worldwide, solidarity means attack!

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Any of these sites is a good place to remind these cretins that active international solidarity with our prisoners of the Social War is not just words: LET’S ATTACK! That is why this OCTOBER 27th, eight months after the captivity of our comrades, we will make the voice of those who have tried -in vain- to muzzle, heard. Organize your group, plan a fire, an attack, a protest canvas, a sabotage, or whatever you want; but do not remain impassive? There is too much posturing among so many verbose groups that do NOTHING. To the street already the kidnapped ones, for that story of the damned burned police van…

Responsibility claim for an incendiary device

It's the thought that counts.

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La Paz, Bolivia: Responsibility claim for an incendiary device placed outside the Chilean consulate

The Calacoto neighborhood in the South Zone of the city of La Paz, where the rich take refuge behind their walls and their private security guards, saw their passivity interrupted by the placement of an incendiary device composed of 10 liters of gasoline, black powder and a timer, which unfortunately did not meet its objective.

Fire Set in Prison Construction Office

the good kind of fire

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Fire Set in Prison Construction Office in Dresden, Germany

We see in jails a place of pointed mutilation, where people are (supposed to be) broken. The outcasts of society are locked away here to hide problems in living together. Instead of taking collective responsibility for these problems, it is left to the judiciary to decide who is allowed to live in the world outside the walls and who should only view the narrow perimeter of the prison through bars and fences. As anarchists we oppose state repression, we oppose the imprisonment of people, be it through analogous walls or the technological imprisonment in the open air prison.

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