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An Anarchist Statement on Unmarked Vans

An Anarchist Statement on Unmarked Vans

From Filler PGH, Pittsburgh

As Pittsburgh joins the ranks of cities disappearing protesters into unmarked vans, we implore our fellow residents of Pittsburgh to resist the urge to fixate on procedural details. What happened yesterday was fucked up, and it would have been no less fucked up had the officers been uniformed and the van been clearly marked and all the proper paperwork been filled out. What happened yesterday was fucked up in all the same ways that it’s always fucked up when the PPD, or the DHS, or ICE or whoever, kidnaps a member of our community, regardless of what they’re wearing and what they’re driving when they do it.

2 Years Since the Disappearance and Murder of Anarchist Compañero Santiago Maldonado

From Anarchists Worldwide

Exist / Resist

Two years have passed since the gendarmerie entered a piece of land, far away, where a Mapuche community still lives today, and started shooting. They entered shooting because this piece of land had an owner, an owner who had a huge amount of properties, and it bothered him that there were people who occupied one of them. That was the justification for the State to enter with its bullets, for torture and persecution, for imprisonment, for death.

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