TOTW: The Resistance, 2019

Following the 2016 election there was a wave of social unrest - we were called upon not to accept the “new normal” of the Trump administration, protesters attempted to disrupt the Inauguration, controversial immigration laws were met with people flooding airports, and countless reading lists bloomed to educate readers on the subject of fascism. This phenomenon was branded as The Resistance, a slogan which was soon to be associated with bumper stickers and obsessions with foreign intrigues that disrupt the “normal” as much as your garden variety conspiracy theorist.

Trump is Not the Main Problem

Many liberals and other Democrats see Trump as the main problem facing the U.S. Therefore their focus is on defeating him in the next election (or impeachment). They focus on the electoral system and hope for salvation through government action. I disagree. Trump is a major problem, but he is the culmination of years of political and economic development, and is related to similar politics in other countries. The fight against Trumpism requires a non-electoral and militant program.

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