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About the sentence against anarchists in November 2020

via Enough 14

Starting in 2008, the Belgian State carried out a large investigation aiming at different struggles that were in conflict with detention centres, borders, prisons and the world of authority and exploitation – always without concessions. In its sights: the anarchist library Acrata, anarchist and anti-authoritarian publications (Hors Service, La Cavale and Tout doit partir), dozens of flyers and posters, more than a hundred actions, attacks and acts of sabotage…in other words, the fight against Power in all its different expressions.

Repression in Belarus in August 2021

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

from ABC Belarus

It’s been more than a year since the beginning of the protests in Belarus caused by falsified elections. A lot of our comrades have been put behind bars, many had to flee the country, public activity is hampered not only for anarchists, but for all dissident associations and groups. Below you will see a short update on the situation with the repressions in Belarus with a focus on anarchists and antifascists. We will try to release these updates at the end of each month.

Sweden: Arson Shell Trucks in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

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Machine Assisted Translation for Anarchist News by Cretin

Note: Interestingly this communique was written in Russian, although the attack took place in Sweden.

Lund, Sweden - Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners: Arson of Shell Truck Trailers

Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons

Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons

From AMW English

Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons for the International Week for Anarchist Prisoners

War cries; true sounds of freedom!!

In this week of solidarity with the anarchist prisoners, we make an open call to war, to continue and intensify the conflict against each expression of Power and to strengthen the ties of affinity for combat between all the anti-authoritarian sectors that exist and walk common paths.

Imprisoned Anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis

Imprisoned Anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis

From AMW English, Greece

I Was Caught During an Expropriation

Anarchist guerrilla Dimiris Chatzivasiliadis was imprisoned on August 9, 2021. From the latest information from people close to him: The comrade has been transferred to Korydallos to the underground wing of the women’s prison and is again in isolation.

Protests and repressions in Belarus from anarchist perspective

Protests and repressions in Belarus from anarchist perspective

From Pramen

Online presentation “Protests and repressions in Belarus from anarchist perspective” – 27 august 2021 19:00 (Minsk time)

News from Belarus hardly make headlines of the english speaking media and if something comes it is mostly about some new crazy move of dictator Lukashenko. The protest for now is not happening anymore, but the struggle continues. Massive network of solidarity is supporting thousands of repressed among them dozens of anarchists and antifascists. Some spontanious decentrilized protests are happening on regular basis.

Statement for the Week of Solidarity

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

from Solidarity International

Statement for the Week of Solidarity by Thomas Meyer-Falk

To argue and fight for a society free of domination can lead to people being thrown into the dungeons of the respective regimes. There, the bodies are to be locked up in the tightest of spaces and the resistant spirit put in chains, forged against the bare concrete walls.

The trial of the Kansk anarchists

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Russia: The trial of the three 15 year-old anarchists continues in Kansk

Consideration of the case of the Kansk anarchists continues on a daily basis. The case is being considered by the visiting board of the 1st Eastern District Military Court in the premises of the Kansk City Court.

An anarchist prisoner in coma in France

Our comrade Boris, in prison in Nancy-Maxéville since september 2020 for the arson of two relay antennas in the Jura during the lockdown, is currently in artificial coma at the burns unit of the hospital of Metz. The fire would have started around 6:30 am in the cell [where he was placed alone in detention ] saturday 7th of august.

Solidarity Action with Irish Anarchist Prisoner John Paul Wootton

Solidarity Action with Irish Anarchist Prisoner John Paul Wootton

From Freedom News UK

Following recent protest action at Maghaberry Prison, the family of John Paul Wootton are now calling upon the current Director General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service, Ronnie Armour, to intervene to help end the ongoing acts of discrimination against their son, brother, uncle and miscarriage of justice victim, John Paul Wootton.

On behalf of John Paul, the family have launched a letter and email campaign which directly highlights the issues behind the ongoing acts of discrimination he faces on a daily basis, while being held within Maghaberry.


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