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Welcome to the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair!

virtual anarchist bookfair


In 2021, due to the worldwide pandemic, the Anarchist Bookfair Collective has decided to host an online Bookfair. Working with the podcasting radio collective From Embers (visit them here: we will be producing a series of interviews covering such issues as Indigenous anarchism; anarchist perspectives on Afghanistan; activism against prisons; policing the police; defending old growth forests, anarchism and the arts, and more!.

We expect to launch the 2021 Victoria Anarchist Bookfair on-line in early October. Stay tuned!

TOTW: Virtual Anarchy Live!

The past few months have seen Anarchist Book-fairs follow the rest of the world’s embrace of virtuality. It would seem that with the necessity of physical presence removed, more Anarchists could be attending these events than ever, but then where are the report-backs?

Czech Republic: A look back at the 7th Anarchist Book Festival


On May 18 and 19, 2019, the seventh year of the Anarchist Book Festival took place in Prague . In recent years, it has emerged as one of the most important events of the local anarchist movement during the year, an opportunity to meet calmly, discuss a number of anarchist publications, get to know new (and old) initiatives and collectives, learn something during lectures and discuss together and have fun too.

Announcing the 2019 Toronto Anarchist Bookfair!

From Toronto Anarchist Bookfair

We are excited to announce the return of the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair! The 2019 Bookfair will take place September 28 at the Centre for Social Innovation – Annex, on the traditional territories of the Anishnaabe, Haudenosaunee and Huron-Wendat peoples. The Bookfair will be a space for everyone from experienced organizers to those simply curious about anarchism to share ideas and information, develop skills, and build the community capacity to create a world that aligns with our anarchist aspirations. There will be space to explore anarchist history and ideas, as well as their application to grassroots organizing and ongoing struggles. The Bookfair will include workshops, info tables, book sellers and social events. This is an accessible space that aims to centre BIPOC and other marginalized voices.

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