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TOTW: Inititiation and Anarchyland

There are some pretty clear ways Anarchy acts as a space of initiation. Facing death (even if not particularly consciously) while fighting cops in the streets, understanding your simultaneous power and powerlessness in the face of the state and institutions, finding elders to learn from, and perhaps even discovering something that feels like community, family or home, however fraught all those words and concepts might be.

ToTW: Confluences and/or Oppositions...

I'm reading the new Ron Sakolsky book, Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams, on the similarities and overlaps of surrealism and anarchist thought, which is obviously a relationship he's thought about for many years. He doesn't argue that all surrealists are anarchists, or that all anarchists are surrealists, but that there is a venn diagram, and that the overlap is where the yummiest stuff is.

TOTW: Anarchist Anti-Vaxxers

I'm not like other anti-vaxxers

Where this concentration of control will go is uncertain, there are certainly not-totally-coocoo-crazy visions of vaccine passports and unvaccinated fines but, these systems move slowly and in another year perhaps the seemingly unstoppable nature of Covid will have eroded enough vaccine-trust that this won’t be an issue.

Some, however, are not waiting for that erosion of trust to happen on its own.

TOTW: Trash & Landfills

It's a giant game of Tetris where people are piling up trash quicker and quicker until it hits the top and then, game over.

There are less controversial, piquant and risqué topics that are nevertheless urgent and vital. For example, what to do with trash. Landfills are a big problem. They're quickly closing down, full to the brim with trash. You might live near a landfill that’s about to close, leaving you and your neighbors to drown in your own trash. Merely living near a landfill is harmful to your health, imagine living inside of one. Many people don’t have to imagine. In fact, they will never know another life.

TOTW: Banning! Revisited

Long ago when Anews and related projects were in their infancy the topic of Banning was explored to discuss and develop ideas for physical spaces and to also consider how anarchists might employ these ideas to the online space as well. All these years later many anarchists are still grappling with the idea of banning so it seemed a good time to recompose and revisit the original topic...

TotW: Watching the Drift

Some friends and I were just talking about how in their area, the only people who are doing anything, who have any inspiration or energy, are people who are not anarchists, but are close enough not to be terrible. While these particular friends are on solid ground, the conversation reminded me of previous friends who have drifted away from anarchist activity, thought, and friends, into the morass of communism and marxism. Another friend used to say that a certain kind of anarchist would become a commie when unable to find more anarchist theory to read.

Religion: Devotional Anarchism

This Topic of the Week is "Devotional Anarchism" which inaugurates the Theme of Three Weeks of "Religion".

Anarchism, like religion, is a word that lumps together a great variety of disparate people, practices and traditions. How contentious is it to lump all these under the banner of religion, and then lump them in with anarchism as well? How to frame the discussion? With what care and respect, devotion or scorn?

TOTW: Animal friends

No pets, no masters!

Topic of the week - Our everyday lives are often touched in someway by animals. Throughout time, the human / animal relationship has been intertwined with the earliest cave paintings depicting animals and many creation myths incorporating animals as main participants. On the opposite end, animals have experienced the sheer brute force of sharing a world with humans. This week we’re taking a look at animals / pets and the relationship to your anarchist life.


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