Videos From The Trash Dimension

Videos From The Trash Dimension

We upload and screen videos and films made without money or directors. If you make something like that, send it our way. There's an anarchist shaped hole in the world of movies, let's fill it. In a gay way.

Episode 1 is up and you don't need permission to screen it. Info shops, your house, under a bridge, we don't care.

Constructing an Anarchism: Approaching An-Archy

from The Libertarian Labyrinth

What is anarchy? This is a question that I have returned to repeatedly, a bit obsessively, with different results each time. I have come to the conclusion that anarchy is what we might call a still-emerging concept. At times it strikes me as almost shockingly self-evident, bold and bare like the lovers in some one of a thousand anarcho-naturist poems—or sometimes maybe just bold...

A Demonstrator’s Guide to Responding to Gunshot Wounds

via CrimethInc.

A Demonstrator’s Guide to Responding to Gunshot Wounds

Gunshot wounds are becoming more common at demonstrations. This is not to say you should panic—millions of people have participated in demonstrations over the past four months, while only dozens have been shot. Still, as political conflict escalates in the United States, it is important to think about how we can care for and protect each other. The good news is that even if you have no medical training, there are things you can do to maximize the likelihood that a person who is shot in your vicinity will survive—simple things like learning the location of the nearest trauma center. Though this subject can be stressful to contemplate, the following guide may equip you to help save lives.

Crops Not Shops: For Health and Food Security,

Against Capitalism and Climate Change

from ainfos

The pandemic has caused many people to question how food is grown and who controls its production and distribution. Capitalist agricultural practices are a major cause of climate change and food insecurity around the world, including the UK. Good quality food, like housing, is a basic necessity and should be available to all.

Protocols for Common Injuries from Police Weapons

From Crimethinc

Conscious of these risks, in many countries revolutionary groups and activist movements have developed their own medical support networks for demonstrations or direct actions. This practice differs from humanitarian groups like the Red Cross, because we don’t pretend to be neutral. We take a clear political stance and an active role in the conflict and in the support that we bring to our comrades in struggle. [...] For us, medical knowledge comes with a political reflection on how we put it into practice, to avoid reproducing the relationships of domination, management, and dispossession that characterize the medical institution. As street medics, we want to make the consent of injured people a priority and give them the information they need to make clear and informed choices for themselves.

Sabotage of Wind Measurement Mats in the Grand Est Regions

from anarchists worldwide.

During the night of Sunday to Monday, November 3, 10 masts of wind measurements were taken in the far east. We dropped 6 and damaged 3 that have not yet fallen (surpriiiiiise!). These masts are 100m high, they are all made of metal, they have cables aligned everywhere on three axes to ensure their stability and even if you cut the cables it makes BADABOUM. What’s also nice is that they are in the countryside and often well insulated… To cut the steel cables you can cut all the wires with a cutting pliers or a pliers (or whatever you think is appropriate that hangs in your toolbox) from the furthest away to the nearest mast until everything collapses (usually after 3-4 cut cables). Cut them all in the same axis because the mast will fall in the opposite direction (think in advance in which direction you want to run away, smart guy). Be brave because depending on the size of the cables you have to work hard. Don’t hesitate to move away a little when it falls because it makes a hell of a mess! (certainly it’s very funny but it’s a little scary too).

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