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Revolutionary Anarchist Armed Strugglers Claim Bombing of Mafia Club

From Anarchists Worldwide Athens, Greece

Responsibility claim for the bombing of building 109 on Piraeus Street

On the 2nd of October at around 2PM, we planted an explosive device in building 109 on Piraeus Street, Athens, which was activated later by cellphone. The reason we activated the device by cellphone was so that we could control the bomb blast and insure no passers-by were injured.

Greece, Athens : Responsibility Claim on 28.3.19 by Group for the Reconstruction of the Mediterranean Anarchist Triangle

From Act for Freedom Now!

Responsibility Claim
At the beginning of February the eviction of the squat ASILO OCCUPATO was ordered, a structure of the movement in the city of Turin, with a history of 24 years. The police don’t ‘play’ alone and the evacuation lasts one and a half days because of the resistance from the interior of the squat. Simultaneously all over the city gatherings, meetings, violent protests are being carried out. The carabinieri, in order to silence the reactions, transform entire neighbourhoods into quarantine zones, with blockades, arrests and the prohibition of circulation of traffic. Finally the authorities, as well as the eviction, arrest 6 comrades on charges of subversive activity based on actions against the CIE/CRP [detention centres for immigrants] as well as for solidarity with the revolts that have broken out inside them.

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