Fire From Below

from It's Going Down

Zoe Baker on Lessons from Anarchist History

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with anarchist historian and YouTuber, Zoe Baker, about lessons from anarchist history, what past struggles can teach us about the social movements of today, just what the hell an ‘anarcho-communist’ is, and how anarchists in the past have dealt with the question of organization, tactics, and strategy.

It Could Happen Here: A Review

Anarchy-ish: comfortably relegated to the realm of the hypothetical, the reassuring plausible deniability of speculative fiction, with a cast of do-gooders to assuage liberal listeners.

from Anathema

While only charlatans confidently predict what will happen, it's always interesting to explore what could happen. This is especially true if the coulds being explored are pertinent to the unfolding of struggles against the State and Capital. In the past couple of years, the podcaster Robert Evans has become known for this kind of exploration in his popular podcast It Could Happen Here. Podcasts, especially non-anarchist podcasts, do not normally get much attention in anarchist newspapers like Anathema. A review of Evans's podcast could seem out of place in these pages.

Paul Z. Simons on Immediatism Podcast

Two additional Paul Z. Simons texts have been made available on Immediatism.com. "An Anarchist Affection for Democracy" identifies the tension between anarchists who believe direct forms of democracy have utility and those, more nihilist-oriented, who believe it has no place. The latter group, as described by Simons, are more concerned with destroying all structures of power regardless whether they are horizontal, as direct democracy is described in this essay to be. "In a Moral Universe There Are No Anarchists" is Simon's expression of support for a fellow writer suffering under accusations from within the anarchist milieu.

Belarusian Uprising Revisited

from The Final Straw Radio

This week on The Final Straw, we spoke with Vasili and Maria, two Belarusian anarchists living abroad about the aftermath of the 2020 Uprising in their country of birth, lessons learned, the current political prisoners and the Lukashenko regime’s attempts to attack dissidents abroad.

Self and the Body, on Immediatism podcast


Immediatism offers readings of four essays on the body and the self. "Anarchism & the Body," by Michelle Campbell, is a call for more anarchists to contribute writing in this area. "Agency & the Body: On Body Positivity, Ressentiment, & Desire," by Rhyd Wildermuth, is a disclosure of Rhyd's own experiences growing up with a different body type and his thoughts around agency and fitness; as explained in length in a chapter of his upcoming book, Rhyd's view is that we ARE our bodies. "Access Intimacy: The Missing Link," by Mia Mingus provides a terminology for that feeling when someone really "gets" you based on a shared experience of disability or hardship. In Cory's view, noticing when we do or do not have access intimacy with a person can help us to realize when empathy is coming naturally and when it is not, and to identify whether the other person is being empathetic with us. Finally, "On Self-Love & Gun Powder," by Flower Bomb, recorded in response to a listener request, is on a nihilistic love for both chaos and the whole self.

Anews Podcast 229 – 9.24.21

From Anews Podcast

Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on anarchistnews.org.

Sound editing by Greg.
What’s new this week written by chisel, read by chisel and chuckles
TOTW conversation – Initiation and Anarchyland with Ariel and Max
T@L Reading with Max – Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology from Baedan

Anarchist Views on Communism, on Immediatism podcast

By specific request, Immediatism has four readings of texts giving anarchist views of communism. The first two episodes (624 and 625) express pro-communist views and the second two (628 and 629) are anti-communist. Of these four, the one receiving the most attention is episode 625 "The Relevance of Stirner to Anarcho-Communists," by Matty Thomas. The other authors are Dr. Bones (pro-), Apio Ludd (anti-), and Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (anti-).

This Is America #148

from It's Going Down

This Is America #148: Nabisco Strike Grows into Wider Struggle; Fight to Free Sean Swain Continues

We then feature an interview with Lauren Swain, partner of long-time anarchist prisoner Sean Swain. During our discussion, we talk about how Sean has currently been denied parole, even after serving 30 years in prison for an act of self-defense. We discuss what is needed now to help Sean get out and ways that people can show solidarity.

Not On Any Map, on Immediatism podcast

The new book, Black Seed: Not on Any Map, Indigenous Anarchy in an Anti-Political World, is out! Episode 630 of Immediatism features both the shorter introduction by Little Black Cart editors and the longer introduction by Klee. Not on Any Map is the first of what will be two precious volumes of Black Seed articles along with new material. You may also enjoy three of the essays included in Not on Any Map, as these were previously recorded on Immediatism. Also, watch for the forthcoming second volume of Black Seed articles to become available!


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