All Out Against the Fascists

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from Anarchist Communists Meanjin

A Quick Guide for the Freedom Day Rallies

For the most part, the kind of muppets who turn out to a rally denouncing vaccines and health mandates are by and large already a long way down the rabbit hole. On any cursory glance at the attendance of the recent anti-vax rallies you will see fascists, conspiracy theorists, “alternative health” cranks, grifters and even evangelicals who believe the virus is some kind of “end of days.” These people are so selfish they won’t even get a vaccine to help contribute to public health and safety. By and large they are pitiful, pathetic and ridiculous. Make good use of that fact.

“No, It Is the Children Who Are Wrong”

from It's Going Down

A Response to David Rovics

In short, as long as Rovics continues to platform and defend white nationalists, holocaust deniers, and anti-Semities – while also attacking contemporary anarchists and antifascists – then at the very least, people will continue to voice their concerns and disagreements to the wider movement.

Organizing & Fighting Without Dying

from Mental Hellth

Most people who have spent enough time organizing know it can be a thankless job. The planet is on fire; millions of people don’t have their basic needs met, and are experiencing housing and food insecurity; a global pandemic has killed more than 4 million people worldwide; and fascism is on the rise. Everywhere, people are navigating how to survive each day. Basically, the world is pretty bad right now, and activists are fighting tooth and nail to change that.

Towards a Critique of Antifascism

Towards a Critique of Antifascism

From Medium by Ausonia Calabrese

Before anything further is said, I must stress the fact that this is a critique coming from within the antifascist tradition. It is a self-appraisal of our discursive boundaries, to point (or beckon) towards that which we cannot speak of through the languages we have wrought for ourselves.

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