Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest


Twenty necessary points on the current conflictualities and perspectives

One: All governments are bad. Right, left, far right… all of them. They do not act in our interest, the people from below, as the Zapatistas would say. Covid-19 has expressed, like through a burning glass, the fundamental antagonism between those who need to recreate the world in such a way that there can be a world at all, and those who, in different forms, hold on to the existing world, the world of doom, participate in its consistency.

Fire Set in Prison Construction Office

the good kind of fire

via AMW

Fire Set in Prison Construction Office in Dresden, Germany

We see in jails a place of pointed mutilation, where people are (supposed to be) broken. The outcasts of society are locked away here to hide problems in living together. Instead of taking collective responsibility for these problems, it is left to the judiciary to decide who is allowed to live in the world outside the walls and who should only view the narrow perimeter of the prison through bars and fences. As anarchists we oppose state repression, we oppose the imprisonment of people, be it through analogous walls or the technological imprisonment in the open air prison.

Demo, riot and action against repression

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– fragments of an offensive weekend [Leipzig, Germany]

Leipzig. Germany. There has never really been any reason in the history of the FRG to believe that state repression is on a downward trend. Nevertheless, in recent years – and especially in the wake of the G20 summit – many have the impression that repression is increasing (not only in the FRG).

Who ever you vote for, we will be #ungovernable!

from Indymedia DE

Who ever you vote for, we will be #ungovernable!

Going to the polls always means choosing the lesser of two evils. We don’t want to choose evils!
For centuries or even millennia, we have stood up for the equality of all living things, for the freedom not to harm ourselves and others, for fraternity worldwide!

Rigaer94: Our Statement on the Current Situation


from: Rigaer94

Today, on the evening of June 16, we look back on a militant day and a temporary autonomous zone and look forward with a clenched fist. Yes, we will remember the barricades in Rigaer Straße and their collective defense for a long time with a big smile on our faces. Step by step, the Senate and the owners are burning their fingers at the attempted destruction of our home.

Strike at Gorillas Food Delivery

(A-Radio) Rider's wildcat strike at Gorillas in Berlin - "This is just the beginning..."

(A-Radio) Rider's wildcat strike at Gorillas in Berlin

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we are glad to share the following recordings that were made on the 10th of June 2021, during the wildcat strike of the Gorillas Workers Collective in response to the firing of a rider called Santiago, visiting the solidarity rally and picket line of one of the warehouses of Gorillas in Berlin, which happened on that day between 11am and 4pm.

Attack in Solidarity w/ Russian Anarchists

via Kontrapolis

Attack on Engine, Wisag and Kone cars, in solidarity with russian anarchists.

During the night of the 30th of May we attacked four cars owned by companies that work with and profit from the jail system, we hate. With this we want to express our solidairity with the russian anarchists who are currently in custody.

Arson at the German Institute of Thessaloniki

via Athens Indymedia

Arson attack at the German Institute of Thessaloniki: Participation in the international call from Berlin for decentralized actions 15 and 16 of May 2021. One symbolic action of resistance against german nationalism, which attacks our bodies through different realities.

(A-Radio) B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 41 (12/2020)

You can find episode number 41 (12/2020) of international news show "B(A)D NEWS - Angry voices from around the world" at A-Radio Berlin's new website or on the website of the International Network of Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Projects. „B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world“ is a monthly news program from the international network, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.


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