To (try to) keep the cops at bay

"The shadows belong to us." is a corny-ass way to end a basic-ass list of tips.

from Counter-surveillance resource center

On the one hand: what is possible despite the intensive surveillance and forensic capabilities? On the other hand, what are the gaps where they have not yet succeeded in developing or testing their repressive methods? We fight out of desire and longing, we must want to challenge ourselves and their repression, otherwise there is no point in fighting. The enemy cannot be everywhere all the time. The shadows belong to us.

Burn the State Database

Athens, Greece: Anarchist place (steki) at the Agricultural University : Burn the State Database

The case of the 14 comrades of the occupation of the rectorate of the Polytechnic university does not only concern them, but all the fighting parts inside and outside the faculties. This is because it is an upgrade on the part of the state, in terms of the ways of methods and repression.

Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center

Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center, an online hub for building a culture of resistance against surveillance.

Around the world, anarchists and other rebels are subject to surveillance due to our activities. Surveillance can be carried out by state institutions or other actors – for example, private investigators, fascists, mercenaries, and law-abiding citizens. Surveillance can be intended to disrupt our activities, make arrests, secure convictions or worse.

Joe Rogan Experience #1572 - Moxie Marlinspike

joe rogan's singal pin is 69420

From Joe Rogan Show via YouTube

Computer security researcher Moxie Marlinspike is the creator of the encrypted messenger service Signal, and co-founder of the Signal Foundation: a nonprofit dedicated to global freedom of speech through the development of open-source privacy technology.

Uncovering Spy Cops in the UK

Uncovering Spy Cops in the UK

From The Final Straw Radio

This week, I spoke with Dónal O’Driscoll, an animal rights activist and anarchist from the UK talking about the work of the Undercover Research Group to investigate possible SpyCops in the UK, share resources by those harmed by the lies of long term undercovers in activist communities and the current Inquiry that activists are using to unearth the legacy of police infiltration since the 1960’s.

Sabotage of CCTV by Maverick Cell

Sabotage of CCTV installation in Pontianak City by ‘Maverick Cell – FAI’ (Indonesia)

As we’ve seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, the State takes advantage of the situation with (offline and online) monitoring, controlled by police and also through technological devices, for example CCTV, smart phones, etc. Their reasons for this situation are, as we know very well, is in the name of public safety, which is an illusion repeated over and over.

Considerations from & for the anarchic combat

via contra info

On the tightrope: Contributions and considerations from and for the anarchic combat.

This text aims to contribute to the development and deepening of the informal anarchic combat, taking into consideration the increasingly specialized technological advances of control and surveillance of the population in general and, specially, of those who venture to rebel against what is established.

Seattle: PSPS Statement on Recent FBI Activity

Seattle: PSPS Statement on Recent FBI Activity

From Puget Sound Anarchists

Puget Sound Prisoner Support (PSPS) is an anti-repression collective
 based in Seattle. For 5+ years we have provided jail and legal support for 
people who have been arrested at protests and demonstrations. We walk people through 
the legal procedure of arrest, court proceedings, bail if necessary, 
getting in touch with a lawyer also if necessary, and in general help 
people understand a confusing legal system. We do not provide legal
 support for people who get arrested for civil disobedience; rather, we
 provide an “emergency service” for when participants of a protest or
 demonstration get arrested. We offer a safety net for people to land in 
when the unexpected happens and things go wrong. We’ve supported friends
 and strangers alike, bailed people out, showed up at court proceedings 
throughout trials, and helped with fundraising to cover legal costs. Our 
major caveat is that we do not offer support to anyone who would
 endanger our communities by way of cooperating with the police, the
 courts or any other governing agency. No snitching, plain and simple.

The Truth About Cambridge Analytica

From Transmetropolitan Review

We live in a small world, for sure, but clearly most people living in it are having a hard time telling the difference between what’s the truth and what’s a lie. Lies are the norm in capitalist society, each of them carefully calibrated to keep people stuck in the economy, the state, and the nation. Lies help people convince themselves that everything’s alright, their life is meaningful, they’re not a slave, and all the endless sacrifices are worth it in the end.

New research focus : the surveillance industry

New research focus : the surveillance industry

From Ears and Eyes

When cops decide to spy on us using surveillance devices such as hidden microphones and cameras or GPS trackers, they need to get the devices from somewhere. It seems that they often buy these devices from private companies. The companies that manufacture and market those devices are part of what we call the surveillance industry.

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